H2Bodyworks Commitment

 H2 Bodyworks was founded to provide quality supplements, nutritional information, and support for any person with a fitness goal. Goals such as weight loss, muscle growth, or to simply start living a healthier lifestyle. One of our primary goals is to develop supplement formulas that are beneficial and work well with our other products and services. At H2 we strive supply the right amount of nutrition in each product, without supplying excess your body won’t use. In doing so, it allows us to produce a high quality product at a lower cost.

H2 Bodyworks was founded by Howard and Richard Harriman. Howard grew up in Seattle playing just about every sport in and out of school. Howard has been a member of several championship winning teams in many different sports. Excelling in running sports, he has broken records on the track and in cross country. After high school Howard joined the Military and made the rank of SGT. Howard’s journey took a turn after leaving the Military and he put on weight. After making the decision to make a change, using past knowledge and experience, trial and error, constant research of nutrition and supplements, Howard shed more than 90lbs. and developed the H2 workout. Howard has become a fitness instructor, teaching his workout and sharing his nutrition knowledge.

Richard Harriman grew up playing sports like soccer and baseball. Richard ventured into the world of professional auto racing. His career took him to NASCAR. A sport that requires its drivers to be in excellent physical condition. Richard enjoys being physically fit and the conditioning it takes to be inside a 120 degree cockpit for 4 hours while sustaining the constant G forces during a race.

H2 Bodyworks mission is to create Xessential nutrisiton products, services, and information emphasizing a healthy lifestyle.