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 Frequent exercise combined with a good nutrition plan promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Resistance ( Weight ) Training along with Aerobic exercise both play a major role in muscle development and fat loss. Benefits include improved cardio vascular health, increased strength, stamina, and overall physical wellness. Lean muscle mass developed through weight training also increases performance as it relates to sports or other physical activities.


This is a BASELINE full body circuit workout primarily designed for the entry level athlete. Individual exercises should be performed in 2 to 3 sets consisting of 10 to 12 repetitions ( reps ) each.

H2BodyWorks Xessential Training Tip: ” Keep it Light and Do it Right!”

Warmup: Walk, Run, Bike, Elliptical, etc. 10 Minutes as a minimum.

Leg Press

Lat Pulldown

Leg Extension

Shoulder Press

Leg Curl

Arm ( Bicep ) Curl

Abdominals : Crunches, Twists, Leg Lifts, etc.

Calf Roller / Raises

Plank / Push Ups

Hyper extensions ( Superman )

Triceps ( Pushdowns or Bench Dips )

*Additional exercises can be added to the BASELINE to enhance performance for a particular sport or activity. i.e. Tennis: Bent / Side lateral Raises, Wrist Curls, and Flys could be added.

**For tips to help you get started, see our youtube videos entitled “This Not That