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Why Supplement With Xessential by H2Bodyworks?


   It is quite simple, supplements fill the gaps in our nutrition.  Even a very good clean protein rich diet still has gaps that can be filled by using supplements.  Our first line of Xessential BCAA is perfect for everyone.  Our mixture contains BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) that our bodies need to rebuild muscle.  If you work out or just go to work and home, your body still muscles, therefore your body needs to repair those muscles.  Protein is broken down in the body to BCAA's before the acids are used to rebuild and repair muscle tissue.  Supplementing Xessential BCAA can help speed up the recovery process by not having to break down protein to get the amino acids.  Supplementing can help with meal timing as well.  If you work hard, get a workout in, or otherwise perform physical activity and will not eat for a couple hours after, your body will be trying to recover without the proper nutrients.  Xessential BCAA will give your body key nutrients it needs.  Xessential BCAA formula also included an electrolyte blend to improve hydration.  Our formula also include essential Glutamine and Citruline.  Glutamine is essential and assists our bodies with digestion, nitrogen production, and immune system health.  Citruline is also essential with its proven range of benefits including kidney function, increases blood flow, higher oxygenation of the blood, and lower blood pressure.  You can read more about these in our blog.

Benefits of Protein Supplementation

* Lose Fat / Preserve Muscle          * Improved Immune System

* Increased Blood Oxygen Level     * Reduce Hunger

Food Journal

Creating a food journal is an important part in any fitness plan.

Maintaining your food / nutrition journal can make the difference between success and failure in achieving overall health and fitness.

Maintaining a food journal documents nutritional content and your eating habits. This is essential in determining how your diet plan affects muscle growth and/or fat loss.


Clean Foods List ( Partial Lists )


Yams and Sweet Potatoes

Rice (Long Grain or Brown Rice )

Oats ( Steel Cut or Rolled )

Breads, Bagels, and Muffins ( Whole Wheat )

Wraps ( Low Carb )

Vegetables ( Variety, Steamed non-buttered )

Fruit ( Low Carb )


Chicken ( Chicken Breast )

Cottage Cheese ( Fat Free )

Egg ( Egg Whites )

Fish ( Fat Content )

Ground Beef ( Lean )

Protein Powders ( Supplements )

Steak ( Lean, Smaller Cut )

Turkey ( Breast or Lean Ground )

Yogurt ( Non-Fat )


Oil (s) ( Olive or Avocado )

Nuts ( Almonds, Walnut, Peanut, etc. )

Egg Yoke

Peanut Butter ( Natural, low Sugar )

( Other Non saturated Fats )